Pricing & Fees

Private Sector

Behavioural Intervention Therapist
Placement Fee £250
Recommended hourly Fee range £10 – £15 per hour
Baby-sitting Service (after 6pm)
Annual Registration Fee £200
Recommended hourly Fee £8.40 per hour
Special Needs Nannies/Support Workers
Placement Fee 4 weeks salary
(minimum £200 and
Maximum £2,000)
Respite Support worker(Direct Payments Scheme)
1.  Placement Fee
      Client takes responsibility for carer’s tax      and NIC 4 weeks salary
2 . Monthly Service Charge
      Support worker employed      by Special People 50% of carer’s wages
Teachers, Speech Therapists
Occupational Therapists and Options Facilitators By negotiation

In the case of a placement being deemed unsuccessful by either party within 8 weeks, either a replacement will be found or a partial refund will be given.  The client will be charged a £10 booking fee for each day services have been provided and this amount will be deducted from the refund of the placement fee.

Public Sector

Please contact our office on 020 7686 0253 for an up to date public sector fees.

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