Providing 24/7 Consistent Quality Services for Children and Young people with Disabilities

At Special People we pride ourselves in providing individual specialist care for all of our service users!

Special People was founded in 1998, by Julie Skinner a qualified teacher whose direct experiences with her child with disabilities highlighted a problematic gap in the market; finding quality, reliable and appropriate childcare at short notice.

Special People started in Julie’s living room, providing a necessary special needs nanny agency and babysitting service which grew largely almost overnight. Within 3 months of Special People’s inception a local council approached Julie to provide support for a young autistic child with behavioural problems, in need of 1 to 1 support. From the first placement onwards social workers knew that Special People could help provide support for all children with special requirements.

Within Special People’s first year, Julie was approached to source support workers for a camping holiday for Autistic children. The great success of this camping holiday furthered the positive reputation of Special People, successfully catapulting it into the business it is today.

Special People runs efficiently due to a collective team of over 250 agency staff members dedicated to providing reliable and trustworthy support to all service users. Special People now work consistently with 14 London Boroughs, NHS Trusts, Schools, Nurseries, Play Schemes and Private Clients.

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